Help your guests easily find the
       places you recommend
service 24/7
While you sleep, your Virtual Concierge
    is making your guests feel at home
The Virtual Concierge is ready
   to help you communicate
   with  any person from any
     country in any language
Custom integration possibilities are endless.
    Here the guest can see his scheduled
    check out time and request a change
Or would you rather keep writing your
contact information and wifi password
on a post-it note?
We create custom, animated maps
from your flat to where
your guests would like to go.
Guests really appreciate these
easy to follow instructions
for your appliances in ANY language..

About Us

Super Hoste Solutions presents the Virtual Concierge for AirBnB - We help AirBnB hosts to provide better service to their guests with a customized virtual concierge application customized for their own apartment or home listing. We deliver a customized app for each apartment or home - with photos, colors, content, maps, menus and instructions provided by, or picked by each host. The result is a "virtual concierge" which is available in any language, and designed to deliver high premier service to their guests.

Sample Screens



NOT at all. The VC is not involved in the reservation/booking process. We begin at the stage when you send your first message to your confirmed guests.

Yes of course – we’ll build it to look the way YOU want it to be. We START with the AirBnB profile settings, but you can change any you like.

No problem – like all features/functions, we’ll set it up for you the way YOU want.

Yes of course – this is the most common practice. You have the flexibility to configure your VC to communicate with you however you choose. Its YOUR choice – configure your VC to use the AirBnB messaging, or more direct options. Like ALL features and functions – we set it up for you the way you want.

NO. If you have a period of 30 days without a guest in your flat, you are refunded your monthly subscription fee. Most of our clients are full time hosts – but we added this option to support hosts who are more seasonal renters.

No charge to you of ANY kind for 45 days. You sign for your level of service below, but are not charged until you have used your VC with your guests and agree you are completely satisfied.

Select your service level below and sign up – we’ll contact you, and setup a meeting to explain the process we’ll use to design and deliver your own person Virtual Concierge.

Most of our clients are implemented within 3 days – its your VC, and your design, but we’ve streamlined the process and can usually get you up and working quickly.



Free 45 days NO Risk Trial period

  • Bronze


  • 1 Flat
  • 2 Languages
  • 6 Basic function buttons
  • 1 Custom map
  • 1 Time setup/installation*
  • Web application
  • $9.95 / month

  • Silver


  • 2 Flats
  • 3 Languages
  • 10 Custom function buttons
  • 4 Custom/animated map
  • 2 revisions to your installation(s)*
  • Web application
  • Basic SMS messaging
  • 1 Custom integration to AirBnB
  • $19.95 / month

  • Gold


  • 3 Flats*
  • 5 Languages*
  • Unlimited custom function buttons
  • 6 custom/animated Maps
  • 5 Revisions to your installation(s)*
  • Web application/Android/IOS
  • Custom messaging options
  • 3 Custom integration to AirBnB
  • Virtual apartment tour video
  • $29.95 / month

* Additional can be purchased separately